County hires security consultant

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The supervisors approved hiring a consultant Tuesday morning to assist the county with security upgrades in the county.

?This agreement is with RSG Design Inc.,? board chairman Richard Young said. ?It?s with Shawn Grassfield from Cedar Rapids.?

A committee has contacted him about overseeing the cameras and card readers installed at the courthouse, the secondary roads building, Orchard Hill buidlings and at the sheriff?s office, Young said. The price for Grassfield?s consultant services is $10,000.

Young asked Washington County Attorney John Gish if he looked at the agreement. Gish said he did look at the agreement and was satisfied with it.

Supervisor Abe Miller asked if Grassfield already did an assessment for the county or would have to do an additional one.

?He?s already done an assessment and frankly has provided some services to us already,? Washington County auditor Dan Widmer said. ?This just kind of firms everything up and states the expectations.?

Grassfield doesn?t sell cameras or card readers, Widmer added. He helps businesses find companies to purchase the equipment from.

?He does this consulting work for other businesses [and] schools,? Young added. ?This is what he does.?

The agreement was approved unanimously by the supervisors.