County debates purchase ofbank building

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL

County supervisors are continuing to discuss purchasing the Federal Bank building.

At the meeting Tuesday morning, Board chairman Abe Miller said he knew some of the county departments had given the supervisors information about the needs for additional space, but haven?t had a chance to review it yet.

?So that?s one thing we need to do,? Miller said.

Miller acknowledged that if the supervisors decide to pursue purchasing the building, informational meetings with the public would need to be held. Miller asked if there were any questions or comments from the other supervisors.

?For what it?s worth, what few comments I?ve gotten are all fairly positive,? supervisor Bob Yoder said. ?I wasn?t quite sure how that would go.?

Yoder spoke to someone on the phone Friday morning and that person was very positive about the idea, he added.

Supervisor Richard Young said the people that have contacted him were also very positive and he hasn?t receive any negative comments about the idea.

Supervisor Jack Seward Jr. said he?s also received only positive comments about it.

?Especially when you consider most of the traffic in and out is with the auditor?s, the treasurer and recorder [offices] and the public wouldn?t have to deal with those steps because the way it is right now when you come into this courthouse you either have to use the elevator, which a lot of people don?t like to use,? Seward said.

Someone fell in the courthouse last week, because they didn?t want to use the elevator, he said. There are a lot of good reasons to move those offices to a building where they could be on the ground floor.

Seward started having listening posts on this topic and would be willing to have more, Seward added.

Miller also said he was going to start having listening posts and was going to schedule one in Brighton. He also said all the feedback he?s had has been positive as well.

?I guess in my mind it?s something that we should continue to pursue, especially with the informational meetings,? Miller said.

No decisions were made about this topic, but it will continue to be discussed by the supervisors.