Council to consider expanding disc golf course

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Use of the nine-hole disc golf course inside Sunset Park is increasing to the point the Washington City Council will consider during its regular meeting whether to add another nine holes to make it a full-sized course.

The regular council meeting will be held at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 5, in the Washington Public Library. City administrator Brent Hinson explains he learned Thursday there would not be a quorum of council members if the meeting were held Tuesday, so the day of the meeting was changed.

?Disc golf is in demand,? Hinson said. ?We have actually been talking about adding to the course for the last five years. Currently there are nine holes in Sunset Park that people who disc golf might not be aware of.?

He said pending council approval, the city will add nine concrete pads with the raised holes. Hinson does not have a cost estimate for the installation of the golf holes, and said it would cost ?several thousands, but not in the mega thousands.? He said the main cost for the project would be the concrete for the pads. If approved, Hinson believes the holes would be installed in the fall.

Parks director Nick Pacha is out of town and could not be reached for comment on the numbers of people who use the nine-hole course.

Mayor Jaron Rosien said the additional holes would be added to the east side of the park, saying it would provide a good area for users to park.

?There would be a front nine on the west side of the park and a back nine on the east side of the park,? he said. ?They are a little shorter holes and really highlight some pieces of Sunset Park you might not see otherwise. They avoid the playgrounds and roads, but takes me to places in the park that I haven?t been since I did an Easter Egg Hunt with the Kiwanis AM?ers when I was 8 years old.?

He said the disc golf league done through the YMCA of Washington County has grown and interest in the sport continues to grow.

The existing course was established in 1999 and offers moderately hilly and moderately wooded terrain for golfers. The course is 3,339 feet.

If the expansion of the course moves ahead, Rosien sees many positive benefits to Washington.

?When courses have 18 holes instead of just nine, it is more likely to see people travel farther to play the course,? he said. ?It also enables us to host potential tournaments and do more competitive events. It is just a way to improve the parks and the community as a whole. It will have an impact on the economy from people who travel here.?