Council approves special election

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


With a reported four people expressing interest in serving on the Ward 1 seat recently vacated when council member Kerry Janecek resigned, the Washington City Council voted Tuesday evening to have a special election to select the candidate to take the seat.

During the regular city council meeting Tuesday evening, the remaining members of the council unanimously approved holding a special election to fill the seat. The election will likely cost $1,800 to $2,500.

?With four interested parties, it lends me the thought that an election would be appropriate,? Mayor Jaron Rosien said. ?I only hope the four parties that were interested are still interested enough to get 25 signatures and putting their name on a ballot.?

Council member Elaine Moore said that she was originally against an election, but with the interest in the seat, she has changed her mind and supports having an election. Rosien said that he had also thought only one person would come forward and the council would appoint the member.

?it is great to see people coming forward,? Rosien said. ?I think this shows we are an agreeable group that works through problems. I find it to be positive people are showing this much interest.?

During the May 1 meeting, council member Steve Gault said that he wanted the council to hold a special election to fill the seat, saying that being a council member is an elected position and he felt the people should determine who will represent them. Hinson said the earliest the council could have a special election is June 19, but the county auditor?s office would determine when the election will be.