Contract for Riverside Road project awarded

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The supervisors reviewed bids and awarded a contract for an overlay project on Riverside Road at the meeting Tuesday morning.

Washington County engineer Jacob Thorius said the bid letting was held on Jan. 17 for the overlay project on Riverside Road from G36 to G26 and Spruce Avenue to the City of Riverside. The project will also include adding 6 inches of pavement and widening the existing pavement to 32 feet with $1 million in safety funds from the state.

?The work up there by Riverside is just widening,? Thorius said. ?We?re not doing the overlay. We?re not patching the existing pavement.?

There were eight bidders on the project, he added. The low bidder was from Streb Construction Inc. of Iowa City with a bid of $3,704,260.57.

The other bids were from Horsefield Construction Inc. for $3,751,927.06; Manat Inc. at $3,992,475.69; Crull Inc. at $4,015,016.38; Cedar Valley Corp LLC at $4,305,547.59; Jones Contracting Corp at $4,498,777; Emery Sapp and Sons Inc. at $4,708,925.07 and the last bid was from Mike River Corporation at $4,779,535.66, Thorius said.

?Our estimate for this work was $4 million,? he added. ?It was nice to see the bids come in under that. In the low end there were several that were competitive and were close to each other.?

The work is scheduled to start this spring, Thorius said. He wasn?t sure when the work would start, but thought it would be early this spring.

The money used for the project comes from the STP dollars, which are federal gas tax dollars that are restricted and can only be used on certain roads, Thorius said. The county has to match that with 20 percent from the farm-to-market dollars and the $1 million is from safety funds from state funding.

Thorius asked the supervisors to approve the contract with Streb Construction.

Thorius also stated some history facts about Riverside Road to the supervisors.

?Riverside Road was originally constructed in 1962 or 1963, so we got 56 years out of that concrete,? Thorius said. ?Way longer than anything envisioned because I guarantee in the ?60s they did not imagine the truck traffic that?s on that road it?s experiencing now; so it?s held up, I would say, remarkably well.?

These improvements will make the ride smoother and safer with the widening project, he added.

The supervisors approved the contract with Streb Construction unanimously.

The supervisors also acknowledged an animal confinement feeding operation at Blackwater Farms in section 12 of Crawford Township, approved a personnel change request for Washington County Conservation and a Class C Native Wine liquor license for Wooden Wheel Vineyards.