Club News

The Washington Presbyterian Women?s Salad Luncheon was at 11:45 a.m., May 2. Approximately 30 members and guests attended. June Asper opened the meeting by lighting the Christ candle, and welcomed the group. Betty Colby gave devotions and opened with prayer. Her devotions reminded members of past May Day traditions.

Members enjoyed the luncheon with a variety of salads, rolls and desserts. After lunch, the speaker was Rick Fulton with Mission Mobility. This is a group that goes to Guatemala and delivers wheelchairs, walkers and canes to handicapped people there. Rick said that he got interested when he traveled to Guatemala with Bethel Ministries and saw the work they did with the Mayan Indians. They built homes, distributed food and clothing, and built fireplace stoves. He saw a need for wheelchairs, and last year was able to deliver 1,900 of them. As he gave out the wheelchairs, he asked for no thanks but said they all came as a gift from God. He feels God?s presence in each handicapped person?s story, and many of them have become Christians.

Jane Fehr talked about the birthday offering and reminded everyone that all Presbyterian women would give one penny for each of their birthdays. The money is used for many projects benefiting women.

June ended the day with prayer, and she extinguished the Christ candle.