Club News

The Chilcote Questers met at Kathleen Almelien?s home on April 5, with four guests present ? Wendy Heck, Robin Plattenberger, Jenine Mahraen and Allie Paarsmith. Mary Levy called the meeting to order after a library presentation by Allie Paarsmith adult coordinator from the Washington Library. She offered suggestions for how to make the antique section of the library more well-rounded and suggested possible books to include and other possibilities to expand the Chilcote collection. Members may need to add a sign over thir books, indicating their nature and possibly add a sign in the entry way directing people to our collection. The group appreciated her ideas.

After her departure, minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved on motion by Kathleen and was seconded by Marilyn. The treasurer?s report was given by Jackie.

The library shelves are open for displays for July, August, and December. It was decided to do a December Christmas display. Kathleen moved, Phyllis seconded. Motion carried.

The spring trip will be June 23 to Mount Vernon. Details forthcoming in the May meeting.

The meeting sign-up sheet was passed around. It was decided to apply for a $2,000 Riverside Casino Mini-Grant in July.

In New Business, the library book list needs updating. A new stamp seems to be needed. The leaning shelf was repaired and the shelves have been re-located together. The idea of adding bookplates to our donated books was discussed. Mary and Kathleen were nominated to be the committee by Jackie with Pat seconding. Motion carried.

Members are to bring any personal books to the May meeting to see if they could be added to the shelves.

The May meeting will be at Jackies, with Phyllis as co-hostess. Upcoming dates were given as reminders followed by Kathleen?s program on the current musical, Alexander Hamilton, which she saw in performance live in Chicago. She shared scenes and descriptions of its relationship to history, but its modern presence w/ Hispanic performers and an all rap musical approach.