Club News

On April 27, eight members of the Martha Washington Questers 1032 had a very interesting program at the home of Doris Montag in Iowa City. Doris is a free-lance curator who has researched and created exhibits of special collections, setting up multiple displays in Iowa and beyond for public audiences.

A lunch of five salads and cheesecake for dessert was enjoyed as Doris began showing and telling about her many wonderful collections. The first exhibit was about ?Raising Chickens in the 1900s? ? incubating chicks; evolution of the egg carton; and artifacts like chicken catchers, egg flats, feeders, etc. She then moved on to the ?History of Barbering,? with many different razors, shaving mugs and brushes and hair tonics. Her next exhibit was ?Sentiments of Sewing,? which included pins, threads, needles, sewing machines and accessories, providing an educational tour through sewing and the sewing machine. She also showed the group a variety of tatting and crocheting, which honors our mothers and grandmothers, called ?Needlework from the Dresser Drawers of Daughters.? She also had a small exhibit of ?Gelatin and Jell-O,? and also items from ?Planting and Harvesting ? by Hand? circa 1850s to 1920s. Her final main exhibit for the group was ?Tin Cans and Can Openers.? The first tin cans were used by the Dutch Navy in 1772. There were no openers for these cans. In 1855, Robert Yates patented the first can opener. Doris had researched this little-known history with examples of many can openers from a private collection. She finished up with a story of ?Tramp Art? ? early kitchen utensils created by the hobos who traveled the rails in the 1930s. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed her program.

Before heading home, members had a short meeting, deciding where they wanted their yearly donation to go. It was decided to donate to the Questers Scholarship Fund. The club also welcomed Dorothy Miller as a new member. The next meeting will be on May 18 at the home of Maurine Roberts.