Club News

Dorcas Jarrard was hostess to Fleur-de-Lis Club on Thursday afternoon, April 26, at 1:30 p.m. There were eight members present and one guest, Kay LaMay.

Dorcas gave an interesting program on Aromatherapy. She is taking classes online to become certified as an aromatherapist. This involves webinars, seminars, doing case studies and much reading with a final paper at the end of the course. Plant Therapy is the brand of oils she recommends and uses. These are 100 percent pure oil for therapeutic purposes at affordable prices and these are natural healers. There are essential oils and oil carriers which are used together to complement each other. If one uses certain oils straight on the skin, they over a long term could cause allergic reactions. Some oil carriers include coconut butter, castile soap, Shea butter, beeswax, and olive lotion. There are various places oils/carriers can be used, arm, feet, behind ears, wrist, to name a few. Most plants that are used for the oil are grown outside the United States. There are four areas of the plant where the oil is obtained which include the leaves, fruit, flowers, and stems or the wood part. The oils come from aromatic plants that are processed commercially for oil extraction by using different methods such as pressing, distilling with steam, sifting out or making a solvent and CO2. It takes a tremendous amount of a plant to be processed to get even a small bottle of oil. Dorcas passed around many of the bottles of oil and oil carriers she had in her inventory, telling about them. A diffuser is a good way to dispense oil into a room as well as wearing a necklace which would hold a small amount of the oil to be breathed in. A token lip balm prepared by Dorcas was sent home with each member.

Following the program, dessert and visiting was enjoyed.

After dessert, President Nancy Kimmel, conducted a short business meeting. Roll call was answered with members naming their favorite oil or fragrance. Secretary Linda Birney read the minutes of the December meeting since the club did not meet during the months of January and February and no meeting was held at the March Husband/Guest Night out. It was reported a card had been delivered to Shirley Whisler at Christmastime. A thank-you was read from Nancy Kimmel when she was in the hospital thanking the club for the flowers delivered by Theresa Hora.

Members paid dues and election of officers was held. Bev Krotz made a motion to retain the same slate of officers from the previous year and this was seconded by Bev Crandall. Motion carried and the 2018-2019 officers are: president Nancy Kimmel; vice-president Bev Krotz; and secretary/treasurer Linda Birney. The Remembrance Committee will consist of Beverly Crandall and Theresa Hora. Dues were paid by all members present.

The next meeting will be May 24, with Bev Krotz as hostess. Members will meet the The Kalona General Store and The Eatery at 9:30 a.m. in Kalona.