Club News

The March meeting of Martha Washington Questers 1032 was held at the home of Janet Peterson. Six members and one new member attended. The meeting was called to order, and the Invocation was read. Minutes of the November 2017 meeting were read and approved.

No one will be attending the State Day or the Questers international Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. I was mentioned that returning to a one-day event for different regions of the state would work better. Virginia was going to check on the possibility of going back to just a one-day event. Virginia asked about donations the chapter would like to give to. One suggestion was the Fort Des Moines Museum, which had temporarily closed due to money issues. Vicki Ealy planned to check with State President Vicki Baker about a possible contribution to the museum. Marilyn Whitenack provided several delicious snacks which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

The next meeting will be April 27. Guest speaker will be Doris Montag. Members will be meeting her at 11:30 a.m. for lunch at the Olive Garden, and go to Doris? home for the program she will give on can openers.