Club News

Sacha Club met on Jan. 22, at the Ainsworth Opera House. Nine members attended the meeting.

Rocky Roberts gave an informative presentation on the history of the Opera House. After touring the building, members reviewed many photo albums showing the Opera House restoration process and the many events that have been held there.

Sacha Club will sponsor the annual Mississippi Valley Blood Drive in Ainsworth on Feb. 19, at the Ainsworth Community Church. Kathi Bean gave the report and handed out the donor call lists to the members who volunteered to do the calls. Linda Lord, Linda McNeil, Karen Megchelsen and Brenda Bean will staff the event. The hours are 2?7 p.m. Donor call lists are to be turned in to Kathi Bean by Feb. 14.

Kathi Bean reported the next Highland Outreach Program held at Town View Village in Ainsworth is scheduled for Feb. 14. Local groups are providing the meal for these events. Sacha Club will be doing the May date instead of the February date. Plans for that will be discussed at future meetings.

The local Easter Egg Hunt is to be held at Marr Park on March 31. This annual event is for preschool through fifth-grade children living in the Ainsworth area. Discussion was held regarding changes needed to promote this event. Yard signs in Ainsworth and door to door fliers were suggested. The committee will evaluate these ideas and plan further details.

Refreshments were served by hostess Rocky Roberts.

The next meeting will be Feb. 26. Linda McNeil is the hostess. The program will be health-related.