Club News

Twelve Sasha Club members attended the meeting held at the home of Jolene Colthurst in Washington.

Secretary report: Minutes of the November meeting were read by Linda McNeil. One correction was cited. The bill for craft show food service supplies was $203.80 rather than $203.86. Correction approved and recorded.

The treasurer?s report was given. Previous balance was $3636.28. Bills paid: WCDC donation of $50 to help sponsor the Christmas event for their clients and $203.80 craft show food service. Balance forward of $3,382.48.

Bills: Karen Megchelsen did the shopping for a church mission request. Total cost was $80.09.

New busness: Kathi Bean reported that the annual blood drive will be Feb. 19.

Further plans will be discussed at the January meeting.

Kathi also reported a request from Peggy Bush/Riverside Elementary coordinator of the Backpack Program. They need $200 per student. There are nine students participating. They have been receiving funds locally. Ainsworth Church Women and Ainsworth Church Mission have both given to this project. How much they still need is not confirmed. Ann Freyenberger made the motion to give $100 to this project if they still need funds. Motion was second by Rachel Cartensen and approved by member vote.

Meeting closed with the club collect.

Refreshments served by Brenda Bean.

A time of games and gift exchange followed.