Club News

Presbyterian Women in Washington had their annual Christmas Tea on Dec. 6, at 1:30 p.m. Sixteen people attended. After a welcome and thank-you to the hostesses, leader June Asper led the group in a short devotion in which she told the story of how her first husband, Jerry, made the wooden angels that were the centerpieces for the Tea. Members recited the PW Purpose together, and then after prayer they enjoyed coffee and tea and beautiful Christmas cookies. While having refreshments, they played a fun game with Christmas song titles.

During the business meeting, the treasurer?s report was given and approved. As members passed the collection plate, they were reminded of the story of the Least Coin by Jane Fehr and Betty Colby.

The sewing committee had a short report this month, as did the funeral committee. Betty Beenblossom reminded everyone that the November/December mission was Operation Backpack. June reminded everyone that the next circle meeting would be Dec. 13 and asked that each member bring 2 dozen cookies to be used to make plates for shut-ins. They were also to bring a Christmas story or poem to share.

The program was led by June, and she asked the group to reminisce about past Christmases. They shared with their table answers to questions such as ?What is the first Christmas you can remember?? and ?What has been your favorite Christmas as an adult?? It was fun to share and to hear answers that others gave. The meeting was ended with ?My Daily Prayer.?