Club News

The November meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary Leon Beatty Post 29 met on Tuesday, Nov. 14, at the WCH Ambulance Center. President Sue Gilmere called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. The opening prayer was given by Dixie Young. The Pledge of Allegiance and the reading of the Preamble for God and Country was recited by all. Minutes were reviewed and approved. Dixie Conrad gave the treasurer?s report. At that time the books were being audited by Dixie Conrad and Connie Pence. A complete report of the audit will be ready by the December meeting. The report was approved. It was reported that membership in the auxiliary was more than 65. The group was encouraged to have new members join them in supporting the veterans.

Reports were given concerning Veterans Day. The flag-raising was held at the Blair House, area places were providing free noon meals for the veterans, and there was the Veterans Supper at the United Presbyterian Church on Saturday evening. Sue thanked the group for donating the good desserts, and there was plenty for everyone to enjoy. She also thanked those who took time to do the calling to people to ask them to donate. Carla McCandless and Rachel Nicola Stoufer did the program, honoring the prisoners of war and those missing in action with a moment of silence. Three girls who went to Girls? State were Alexa Edwards, Kristen Twinam and Allison Vogel, along with their parents, also attended. One boy, Brennan Horak, went to Boys? State. All of them spoke about the experiences they had while attending the event. Pastor David Cottner III was the guest speaker, on commitment.

Sue reported that she attended the district meeting at Marengo on Oct. 28, 2017. They stressed not to leave one?s money in the bank but to help the veterans, and that there was a need for lap robes. An emergency fund was collected. It was reported that the annual Pizza Party will be held at the Veterans Hospital. The spring conference will be April 21, 2018, at the Methodist Church in Wilton. A silent auction will be held, with the proceeds going to the general fund.

A letter from Sue Rich was read, concerning the auxiliary?s wanting to adopt a veteran?s family at Christmas. She reported that there was a single mother whom the group could help out. Due to HIPPA she was unable to give the name. A motion passed for the group to donate. A gift card will be purchased and sent to Sue, who will make sure that the family will receive it for the holidays. Dixie Young reported that the HACAP was also in need of help, and a motion was passed to donate to help the veterans who are in need. A donation was sent to the President Project as well as a donation to each of the four nursing homes for Christmas gifts for the veterans who reside there.

Dixie Young offered the closing prayer.

The next meeting will be Dec. 12, at the Washington County Ambulance Center.