Club News

Garden Department of Fortnightly met Oct. 17 at the home of Jan Boyd. The meeting was called to order by leader Linda Varney at 6:30 p.m.

Roll call was taken, asking how members decorate for the fall season. Five members responded.

Jan read from a letter to the editor of The Journal, giving tribute to her late husband, Pastor Rich Boyd, on the meaning of love and how it endures. It was very moving and enjoyed by all. Members? dues were paid and tickets were also purchased for the November luncheon on the 14th at Applewood Bistro. Mention was made about the upcoming Orchid Show in Cedar Rapids on the weekend of Oct. 20-21, presented by the Eastern Iowa Orchid Society. Jane Kruse remembered using phalaenopsis orchids for her wedding. She and Mary Langr will be attending ? the club expects a wonderful report at its next meeting!

Jane gave the program from an article in Garden Gate magazine titled ?Forcing Bulbs.? Forcing bulbs can take from 10 to 15 weeks, and it was noted that chilling is an important part of this process. There are three different mediums for starting bulbs ? water, stones and potting soil. Water for each of these should only reach the very bottom of the bulb where the roots appear. If the water goes above this point, the bulb will rot. Choose ?forcing easy? bulbs such as hyacinth and daffodils.

Following the presentation, the meeting was adjourned. Jan served refreshments, and there was continued discussion on forcing bulbs.

Garden Department meets the third Tuesday of each month. If interested, please call Linda at 319-591-9035.