Clover kids learn about healthy recipe substitutions

The new 4-H youth cooking club, the Clover Cookers, experimented with healthy recipe substitutes at their meeting April 28. They made five version of brownies using a different substitute for oil in each of four. They used avocado, black beans, Greek yogurt and applesauce and then participated in blind taste test to see if they could identify the substitutes.

Everyone really liked the applesauce version. Avocado came in last.

?They were most surprised by how well the black beans worked,? shared volunteer leader Ruchel Hiller. ?They thought they would easily pick the ?control? pan, but they couldn?t. It was interesting to see how the textures changed with the different substitutes too.?

This new specialty club meets every other month on a Saturday afternoon. Each two-hour meeting will explore the tasty fun of the kitchen through new recipes while including the important topics of basic food and kitchen safety, healthy recipe substitutes, snacks on the go, meal planning and serving etiquette. Plans include preparing and serving a family meal, outdoor cooking adventures and helping other youth groups. This club will allow participants to further develop the life skills of teamwork, planning, math, reading and more, all in the kitchen.

Please contact the Washington County Extension Office at 319-653-4811 or with any questions about the Clover Cookers Club or how to get involved with Washington County 4-H as an adult volunteer.