Clothing still needed for Warm up Washington

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Donations are still being accepted at the Washington Public Library for the Warm Up Washington project.

Librarian Jolisa Weidner said they could use coats for older children ranging from sizes 10 to adults.

?I had a mom who came in ? her son was 10 and she thought he needed a 12 or 14, and we had nothing for him,? Weidner said. ?I said, ?Sorry, but we don?t have a coat for him.??

People can continue to make donations to Warm Up Washington through Nov. 4, she added. Hats and gloves for older children are also needed.

The rebook store room in the basement of the library is being used for Warm Up Washington, she said. People don?t have to check in with anyone at the desk ? they can just go downstairs and look through the items.

?A lot went out here the very first day,? Weidner said. ?We?re kind of hoping people, maybe some people, will make some more donations to that age group, both the boys? and girls?. There is only five coats left for the girls.?

People are asked to wash the items before they bring them in. They can bring them to the desk and then Weidner will put the items out downstairs.

The donation drive for Warm Up Washington began last month. Even though they?re asking for more donations Weidner said the response has been great this year.

?I was really surprised how many new coats we got this year,? she said. ?We really had an increase of that. It was awesome, so that was really great. I just don?t know where they went to get them, but it was awesome.?

Even the used items came in good condition.

?People were very aware that we needed good things,? Weidner said.