Citywide garage sale this weekend

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


As she was setting up the tables and treasures for her garage sale this weekend, Tenille Hoffert found that excited shoppers were stopping by her sale on Thursday afternoon, before she had anything priced and before everything had been moved out to her garage.

This morning, several tables lined her driveway, as well as the inside of the garage, all full of items Hoffert hoped to sell as part of the push to get ready to move to Arizona. She said that her husband has had a job transfer, and the weather in Arizona was warm.

?We have lots of miscellaneous, some Christmas, little bit of household items, some boys? dress clothes, motorcycle helmets, a few cowboy hats, a weight bench and stuff like that,? she said.

In the past when she held a sale from her home in the 1600 block of North Fifth Avenue during the annual spring citywide garage sale she found the items flying off the tables and called thesale a success. In getting ready for her move, she decided to hold another sale.

As antique collectors and bargain hunters get ready for the opening of the sales scheduled for 8 a.m. Saturday, Washington Evening Journal advertising director Julie Scott is excited to announce that 25 garage sales were featured on the sales map.

Scott originally created the citywide sale in 1997, saying it seemed like a good idea to blend all sales into one event. Originally, it was only slated to be a spring event, but the sale was so popular a fall sale was added.

?It became really popular,? she said. ?People enjoy it. We run one in May and one in September. There is a lot going on.?

Scott said that ?there is a lot to see and plenty to buy? at this weekend?s citywide garage sale.

?I think a lot of people are trying to clean out their closets and their basements. This is an event that helps do that. People are also getting the idea that this is a fun activity that puts some extra cash in their pocket.?

She said that the garage sales would be spread out over town, which is why The Journal includes a map of the sales. She predicts a lot of people will be out at the event.

The map ran in the May 10 edition of The Washington Evening Journal. Copies of the edition are available at the Journal office at 111 North Marion Avenue until 5 p.m. Friday.