Citywide cleanup begins this week

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Beginning today, Washington will be holding its annual weeklong spring cleanup, in which people have the chance to dispose of many unwanted larger items with the aid of the city.

City administrator Brent Hinson said the city has conducted spring cleanup for at least as long as most people can remember. In 2014 the city also restarted a fall cleanup, which Hinson said has gone very well. The difference is in the fall, a dropoff point is designated for refuse instead of curbside pickup as in the spring.

?We haven?t really changed anything from the last few years,? he said. ?It will be kind of the same as always.?

This year the spring cleanup will be April 16 through 19, on residents? regular garbage days. Any items placed out a week or more will be subject to a fine. Stickers for large items can be purchased at city hall, with appliance stickers costing $20 and furniture stickers costing $6. Any item not having a sticker will not be picked up. A newsletter said any loose items not contained in a cardboard box will not be picked up. Concrete bricks and rock won?t be picked up, nor will hazardous materials such as paint, explosives, or material soaked in volatile compounds. Batteries and tires will also not be picked up.

All loose items must be contained in a clear plastic bag. All garbage bags must be 35 gallons or less and have a city sticker. There is a 100-pound limit on construction materials and carpet.

Wood boards must be tied in bundles or stacked neatly in no more than 4-foot lengths. Any recyclable material must be in separate piles.

The city also holds an annual fall cleanup, usually in October. During that, instead of curbside pickup as was done in the past, residents can bring their items to be disposed of to the yard waste center.

People with questions should contact Luke Waste Management at 319-461-9011. This event also has a Google Hangouts video.