City water plant project moves forward

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


After receiving no comments during a public hearing during the Washington City Council meeting Tuesday evening, the council unanimously approved a resolution for a loan agreement and issuance of bonds not to exceed $5.5 million for renovations to the water plant.

Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said he did not believe the city would bond for the full $5.5 million for the project, but rather about $4.38 million. He said the additional money was included in case the project ended up costing more than anticipated.

?This is the biggest dollar amount we have seen in a long time, but it certainly hasn?t been done quickly,? council member Jaron Rosien said. ?We have had pilot studies. For anyone here who hasn?t been part of this, I know it seems like we are quickly spending $5.5 million, but it has not been quick. It has been a long process that has been arguably decades in the works.?

The water plant project is scheduled to begin later this year. The project will completely redo the Washington Water Treatment Plant.

It will convert the treatment from an electrodialysis reversal process to reverse osmosis.

It is scheduled to happen over an 18-month period, mostly because the plant will have to keep operating throughout the process. The project includes construction of a new building addition, demolition of the existing pump building, abandonment of the 1992 underground clearwell and pump, addition of a chemical feed or aerator on top of an existing 2015 ground storage reservoir, and reinstallation of the existing high service pumps within the building.

The addition will include reverse osmosis treatment skids, a dedicated electrical room, chemical feed rooms, HVAC room, generator and power service combinations, and a new control system.