City to unveil concept drawings for fire, police station, city hall

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Residents of Washington will get the chance to have their first look at concept designs for a new fire station, as well as designs for a new police department and a new city hall after they are presented to the Washington City council during its regular Nov. 7 meeting.

Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said today that after several years of planning, as well as changing plans, the designs will be ready for the next council meeting. He said a committee has been working on the design for the new station and are now ready to move to the next step and gather input.

?We have kind of been doing the behind the scenes work and now we are ready for the public work,? he said. ?We?ve been talking as a committee and working through things. With this conceptual design stage, the output to that will be proposed floor plans for both the fire station and city hall-police, even though we are not doing the city hall-police construction at this time.?

He said the conceptual designs would also include exterior drawings and cost estimates.

Hinson said once the committee has the information finalized, which he said was ?very close,? it would go to the public for comments. He also believes there will be some public forums on the designs.

While Hinson said an exact schedule hadn?t been determined yet, he believes the city will be presenting to service groups and that there will be several open houses at the current municipal building to give the community a chance to see the existing city facilities and the reasons why change was recommented.

In July The City of Washington hired architect firm Design Alliance for $155,000 with a $6,000 reimbursable fee to begin designing a new fire station.

Previously, the council had decided to move the city offices to the former library building. During a special meeting in December 2015, the newly seated board moved away from the plan, favoring an option to build a new campus, which would include building a new fire station and renovating the existing municipal building to house both city facilities and the police department.

The cost of both plans is about $3.7 million.According to a spatial needs survey, the city offices need about 25,000 square feet, and are currently housed in a 9,400 square foot building. The former library building has about 9,800 square feet.