Californians run Kewash half marathon

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


When Tasha Hengl was growing up, she spent many of her formative summers in Washington tooling around her grandparents? farm.

Likewise her grandparents, Don and Jackie Wells, spent many happy summers enjoying the company of their granddaughter.

Many times Don, jokingly, asked if Tasha could stay in Washington permanently. While many years have passed and Hengl has since moved to California, she always remembered Washington.

As she visited Washington for the first time in several years over Christmas she and her boyfriend Marvin Marshall learned about the Kewash half marathon scheduled for April 21.

The couple, who had begun running together for a while, decided they needed to participate.

On Saturday, Marshall left the starting line on the Washington square to run the 13.1 miles through town and along the Kewash Trail for half marathon while Hengl was content with doing the 10K run.

?We came down here this weekend just to run the Kewash Trail race,? Marshall said, as the family got together to spend a few hours with Hengl before she had to return to California.

The couple arrived in Washington Thursday night and left Sunday.

Since picking up the running bug, Marshall is always on the lookout for races for the couple to run in. Over Christmas he learned of the half marathon. The run coincided with Hengl?s 29th birthday on Thursday. He said the existence of the race was enough for them to decide they needed to return and run in it.

?We are happy to be running here,? Hengl said. ?We are happy to be able to come back and visit.?

The family spent Saturday getting Hengl reacquainted with Washington. They visited The Village to do some shopping where Hengl found a beautiful ?hippie-like? shirt she had to buy. They participated in the event to ?carb up? at J.P.s 207 Friday evening.

The couple first got into running about three years ago. They started with a program called ?The Couch to 5k? program that had them alternating running and walking.

?Now, we run half marathons for fun,? Marshall said.

Hengl said that Marshall has run the California International Marathon twice and did a trail ultra run of 31 miles in March.

Between training and events, Marshall has run over 500 miles so far this year.

Hengl has not done a marathon and mostly is happy with doing half marathons. This coming weekend they will compete in the American River Parkway half marathon, which starts near their house.

?I have no interest EVER in doing a full marathon,? she said.

Don and Jackie Wells are happy to have the couple visit Washington.

?We have four grandsons, but she is our only granddaughter,? Jackie Wells said.

Results of the event have been posted online at

According to the results, Marshall got 20th place in his age group and Hengl got 43rd place in her age group.

The Washington Evening Journal will have more details on the event later this week.