Brighton News

Enjoying the evening meal of March 25 at the home of Winifred Fritz were her children, Tony and Lynn Fritz, of Brighton, and Mary and Joel Boatright, of Fairfield. Also present were Mary?s son, J.D. and Becky Hollingsworth, of Packwood. They were later joined by Winifred?s son Joe Fritz.

Jeff and Michelle Pacha with two of their sons and a friend, of Wichita, Kansas, visited his parents, Gerald and Rosemary Pacha. They arrived March 17 and returned home on March 20.

Pat Remington went to Oskaloosa on March 26. She met her sister Kathy, of Chariton, with friend, Wayne, at Tasos?.

A pre-Easter celebration was held March 25 at the home of Shirley Schooley. She was joined by her son Monte Schooley and family, of Iowa City.

March 26 was the last day that 10-point pitch was played at the Brighton Community Building. They will play again in January 2019.

The Krony Krew Club met March 28 at the home of Shirley Schooley. Bridge was played at one table. Their next meeting will be held April 11 at the home of Sarah Robison.