Brighton News

Chapter AQ, P.E.O., met Feb. 20 at the home of Ginny Brinton. Eleven members were present. President Joyce Wilson presided over the meeting. She read the club?s annual report letter, which will be forwarded to the state. The next meeting will be held March 6 at the home of Shirley Schooley.

Cody Remington celebrated his 24th birthday on Feb. 17. Cody and Mackenzie, of Oskaloosa, met his grandma, Pat Remington, and friend Jason, both of Brighton, at Texas Steakhouse in Coralville.

Providing the evening meal of Feb. 18 at the home of Winifred Fritz were her children, Tony and Lynn Fritz, of Brighton, Mary and Joel Boatright, of Fairfield, and Mary?s children, Bridget Hollingsworth, of Fairfield, and J.D. and Becky Hollingsworth, of Packwood.