Brighton News

Pat Remington left for Waukee on Feb. 6. She met her sister Kathy, of Chariton, with friend Wayne, in Oskaloosa. They dined at Tasos? Steakhouse. Pat went on to Waukee to visit her daughter Brandy and Chris Poli. That evening, Pat and Brandy attended ?The Price Is Right Live? at the Civic Center in Des Moines. Pat stayed the night at the Polis? home, and returned to Brighton on Feb. 7.

On Jan. 31, Rita Berry prepared the evening meal at Winifred Fritz?s home. They were joined by Winifred?s sons Joe and Lori Fritz with Sophia and Julia, and Tony Fritz. Tony grilled out the noon meal of Feb. 1 at Winifred?s home before Rita left for home. Rita was going to stop in Fairfield to visit her sister Mary and Joel Boatright.

Joel Boatright, of Fairfield, had gone fishing, and on Feb. 3 he went to Winifred Fritz?s home to deep-fry his catch for the evening meal. They were joined by his wife, Mary Boatright, with Bridget Hollingsworth, of Fairfield.

Tony Fritz and Winifred Fritz attended a Super Bowl party at the home of her grandson, J.D. and Becky Hollingsworth, of Packwood.