Brighton News

Chapter AQ, P.E.O., met Nov. 21 at the home of Cathy Rich. Joyce Dunbar presented the program, ?Regarding Thanksgiving.? Their next meeting will be a social gathering on Dec. 5. It will be held at the home of Rosemary Pacha.

Shirley Schooley hosted her family for an early Christmas, Nov. 18. Those present were Mike, of Columbia, Missouri; Marty and family of Vernon Hills, Illinois; and Monte and family of Iowa City. Shirley was a guest in the Mike Schooley home in Columbia, Missouri, Nov. 21-22. Grant Schooley, her grandson, and friend were there from Ireland.

Enjoying Thanksgiving Day dinner at Sirloin Stockade in Ottumwa were Pat Remington; her sister Kathy Babberl, of Chariton, and friend Wayne; and their sister-in-law, Jenny Babberl, of Ottumwa. Pat also enjoyed a Thanksgiving celebration on Nov. 25 with friends in Columbus Junction.

Nelson and Jacklyn Smith held a Thanksgiving Day dinner at their home for friends and relatives. Six guests arrived, from Iowa City, Keosauqua and Brighton. His mother, Caryl Smith, was also present.

Caryl Smith visited Cecil Chuck on the afternoon of Nov. 23. It was Cecil?s 101st birthday.

Jason Roberts attended a Thanksgiving Day family dinner at the home of his uncle, Gary and Peg Roberts.

Ginny Brinton spent Thanksgiving with her brother and family, Fritz and Nancy Gowey, of Milan, Illinois. She left Nov. 21 and returned home on Nov. 25.

Winifred Fritz enjoyed the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day at the home of son Joe and Lori Fritz, Julia, Sophia, and Michael. Michael was home from Ames on a college break.

Charles and Debi Fritz and family of Sigourney entertained his family on Nov. 24 for Thanksgiving. Winifred Fritz, his mother, was present, as well as all of his brothers and sisters and their families, except Rita.

Mary Boatright with Bridget Hollingsworth, of Fairfield, went to the home of Mary?s mother, Winifred Fritz, on Nov. 26 to put up outside Christmas lights.