Brighton News

On Oct. 4, Winifred Fritz, of Brighton, was visited by her son Greg and Deb Fritz with their grandchildren Kellen and Madden Copeland, all of Fairfield. They were joined by Winifred?s children Joe Fritz with Julia and Sophia, of Brighton; Tony and Lynn Fritz, of Brighton; Jane and Virgil Symmonds, and Mary Boatright with Bridget Hollingsworth, all of Fairfield. They enjoyed pizza, homemade ice cream and two cakes to celebrate Winifred?s birthday. Winifred received phone calls from children Rita, Lucy and Charles; and from grandchildren from Missouri, Omaha, Nebraska, and Kalona. She also received phone calls from cousins and friends.

Enjoying the evening meal of Oct. 8 at the home of Winifred Fritz were her daughter Mary and Joel Boatright with Bridget Hollingsworth of Fairfield. Joel mowed the yard for Winifred.

The Krony Krew Club met Oct. 11 at the home of Ginny Brinton. Elaine Andeway of Richland was a guest. Bridge was played at two tables. Their next meeting will be on Oct. 25 at the home of Rose Jaynes.