Bows and Bullets partners with Whitetails Forever

Bows and Bullets 4-H Shooting Sports Club members and leaders recognize the financial support from Whitetails Forever at a recent Range Time at the Clemons Creek Shooting Range. Whitetails Forever Chairman Jeff Batterson of Washington presented a check to club president Amanda Pfeifer. Washington County 4-H appreciates how this organization has partnered with 4-H to support youth with interests and passions similiar to theirs.

Pfeifer is thankful for the donation. ?The donation from Whitetail means a lot to the Bows and Bullets 4-H Club because it give us the opportunity to practice the shooting disciplines. Without this donation we would not be able to purchase supplies, go to competition, and most importantly practice our skills learned, said Pfeifer.

The club will assist in the setup for the Whitetail Forever Annual Banquet held Nov. 17 in Richmond. Additional information is available from Batterson.