Bowling going unnoticed

December 10, 2012

Washington, Iowa


To Whom It May Concern:

For the past 12 years there is a sport that has gone unnoticed by several media groups, and we wish to speak out today. That sport is ?bowling? ? America?s No. 1 family sport and a sport that you can participate during your entire lifetime, if you choose to do so. In 2000, the Washington Community School District approved allowing the sport on the schedule for boys? and girls? teams. It was a club activity and funded entirely by the athletes, parents, local bowlers and the bowling alley proprietor(s). As popularity grew, the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union and the Iowa High School Athletic Association passed the motion that ?Bowling? be a varsity sport in Iowa schools, and it grows each year.

Our complaint today is the fact that the Winter Sports section that was presented to the public on Friday, Nov. 30, 2012, in The Washington Evening Journal only showed the bowling schedule ? an incorrect schedule, also. We did not have a picture of our team(s) nor an article written about our sport. Each other school and sport had pictures and an article. Why are we different???

In fact, each year we are omitted ? we only have seen the articles that appear in The Journal after each meet based on information submitted by one of our bowling coaches. We have not seen a representative from any media come to our meets for an article or pictures.


Respectfully submitted,

The Washington High School Girls? and Boys? Bowling Teams:

Abbey Tisor, Rylee Arbogast, Jessica Londberg, Kailey Martin,

Elaney England, Brandi Hagans, Ivy Hamilton, Kali McDole,

Samantha York, Zach Martin, Dalton Nichols, Allen Raymundo,

Ryan Roberts, Shawn Edwards, Adam Woodson, Tyler Trepanier