Board of Health considers options for new location

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The Washington County Board of Health decided not to look any further into using Ainsworth Elementary as a location during its meeting Thursday.

Ainsworth Elementary School was listed as an agenda item because Board of Health member and supervisor Jack Seward Jr. said he received an email suggesting they look into using that building for offices for the public health department.

?My response to the email was that we looked into it a couple of years ago and it didn?t seem to be a good option at that time but I would bring it up again, so I asked to have it put it on the agenda,? Seward said. ?If anybody has any suggestions or questions we?ll talk about it again.?

Board member Connie Larsen said she thought that building was going to be used for community purposes.

?I?m not sure,? Seward said. ?Of course if public health would like office space in there, you wouldn?t use the gym or the locker rooms.?

There maybe rental space using some of the classrooms, which could be used for clinic space, but Seward said he didn?t know what they were thinking.

Washington County Public Health director Danielle Pettit-Majewski had concerns about going back and forth from Ainsworth to Washington all the time.

?We do have staff that are in Washington that are running to the courthouse on a daily basis and coming to meetings,? Pettit-Majewski said. ?That would be a lot of increased travel reimbursement that we would be seeing on a regular basis ? that would be a concern that I would have. Not to mention the cost to get the building in such a way that it would be conducive to our needs and our return on investment and how that might work.?

Larsen said she was also curious about having a location in Ainsworth and how that would affect things.

If you were coming from Brighton or Wellman to Ainsworth it wouldn?t be very handy for those citizens, board member Chris Grier said.

?It?s not a centralized [location] for people to come to,? Seward said.

Seward asked Pettit-Majewski if anyone in public health could move to a remote location if more space were needed without hurting things. Pettit-Majewski said no, it would impact how things work with the staff.

No further discussion was held about using Ainsworth Elementary as a potential location for the public health department.