Bauers host 53rd annual reunion

The 53rd Annual Bauer Reunion was held on July 28, 2018, at the United Presbyterian Home Campus Center in Washington, Iowa.

The descendants of Jacob and Anna Marie Bauer present were: Bob and Lori Bauer, Bob Crane and Connie S. Bauer, Stan Bauer, Larry and Gerry DeLong, Peggy Helscher, Letha Statler and Marion Turnipseed, all of Washington; Joe Bauer, of West Chester; Robert and Joy Gillaspie, of Fairfield; Karen Koehler, of Ainsworth; Robert E. Bauer, of Snelling, California; Tom and Sandy Bauer, of Iowa City; Todd, Alyssa, Eldin, Annaleigh, Barrett and Abigail Bauer, of Lisbon; Dan and Sheryl Shewman, of Centennial, Colorado; David Turnipseed, of Des Moines; and Judy Showalter, of Kalona. Guests were Rachel Townsend and Jim Windy.

A potluck meal was enjoyed, followed by visiting and updating the Family History.

The group welcomed Tyler and Alyssa Bauer, who just moved to Iowa from California.

Officers elected for 2018-19 were: president, Stan Bauer; vice president, Tom Bauer; secretary, Lori Bauer.

The 2019 reunion will be held in the Campus Center at the United Presbyterian Home on Saturday, July 27, 2019.