Awards presented to WHS students

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


With the days counting down to graduation at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, May 26 in the Washington High School varsity gym, the Washington High School Class of 2018 was honored for their accomplishments over the last four years and to prepare for the years ahead.

Many awards were given to the outgoing students for activities during their high school years. Awards given include:

Iowa National Guard Excellence in Leadership Award: Sean Zimmer

Montgomery GI Bill Scholarship: Ryan Ellis

United States Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Awards: Sarah Nacos and Ryan Reighard

Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award: Brennan Horak

Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Awards: Brooke Stout and Mitchell Huisenga

Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Landon Hinckley

Access Energy Cooperative Scholarship: Brooke Stout

Tyson Fresh Meat Inc. Scholarship: Liliana Barriga

Washington Chapter DAR Good Citizen Award: Jacob Van Osdol

Eastern Iowa Light and Power Award: Kylee Porter

Boyd and Wilma Emde Scholarships: TJ Durst, Blake Hartzler, Natally Guzman, Sam Reed, Austin Stalder, and Kristen Twinam

Celeste Hora Memorial Scholarship: Morgan Brinning

Jim Roberts Washington County Farm Bureau Scholarship: Kristen Twinam

Washington County Farm Bureau Scholarships: Mitchell huisenga, Kylee Porter and Sam Reed

Farmers Cooperative Association and Vision Ag LLC: Morgan Brinning

Eastern Iowa Fellowship of Christina Athletes ?Elaine Parry FCA Scholarship Award?: Jacob Van Osdol

Healthcare Career Scholarship: Baylee Stalder

Hills Bank and Trust Company Leadership Grants: Morgan Brinning and Allison Vogel

Hills Bank and Trust Company Youth Salutes Scholarships: Morgan Brinning, Sarah Nacos and Meredith Raber

Iowa State Bar Association American Citizenship Awards: Erik Murphy and Megan Strabala

Jennifer Lewis Memorial Scholarship: Adamaris Mendoza

John Prochaska - Rotary Service Award 2018: Jessica Hora

Latinos for Washington Scholarships: Natally Guzman and Jose Reyes

Mercy Hospital Foundation Scholarship: Morgan Brinning

Washington County Corn Growers Association Scholarships: Kylee Porter and Kristen Twinam

National Wild Turkey Federation: Jameson Bell

Living the Dream Scholarship: Sarah Nacos and Jacob Van Osdol

P.E.O. Chapter Star Scholarships: Morgan Brinning, Meredith Raber, Brooke Stout, and Kristen Twinam

Danforth Awards: George Guerra and Allison Plants

Washington State Bank Scholarships: Dalton Applegate, Mark Engleken, Kyle Fishback, Jacob Hall, Cale Hobscheidt and Brooke Stout

Lawrence W. Robison Memorial Scholarships: TJ Durst and Natally Guzman

Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center Galloon Grad awards: Morgan Brinning, Vanesa Diaz, Samantha Holz, Baylee Stalder, Brandon Stephanie, Mario Tapia, and Taylor Wallerich

Graduation Speakers: Jameson Bell, Alexis Edwards, and Tania Melendez

Excellence in Advanced Science Awards: Mark Engelken and Julie Salgado

Excellence in Advanced Mathematics Awards: Connor Jarrard, Austin Stalder, Erik Murphy, Morgan Brinning, Alexis Edwards, Allison Vogel, Brennan Horak, and Jameson Bell

Drama Awards: Makenna Burdock, Jessica Dage, Jose Reyes, Casey Peiffer, Baylee Stalder, Grace Miller, Carson Thomas, Meredith Raber, Jeremiah Carter, Colton Anderson, Alexis Edwards, Willow Kane

Instrumental Music Awards: Louis Armstrong Jazz Award - Jeremiah Carter, Quincy Jones Award - Addison McGuire, John Phillip Soussa Award - George Guerra

Kirkwood Career Academy Awards

Arts and Sciences Acadey Awards: Colton Anderson, Kayla Andrew, Breanna Brinning, Morgan Brinning, Cole Dallmeyer, Vanesa Diaz, TJ Durst, Samuel Fields, Blake Hartzler, Michaela Hoffman, Willow Kane, Grace Miller, Megan Mitchell, Tanner Murphy, Sarah Nacos, Justin Roth, Austin Stalder, Baylee Stalder, Brooke Stout, Kristen Twinam, Allison Vogel, Savannah White

Arts and Sciences II Academy Awards: Mason Letts, Casey Peiffer, Jose Reyes, Austin Stalder

Patient Care Academy Awards: Colton Anderson, Natally Guzman, Franchesca Machado, Addison McGuire, Tania Melendez, Allison Plants, Makenna Rich, Destiny Schropp, Margaret Smith, Baylee Stalder

EMT Academy Awards: Kaelyn McAvoy

Graphic Academy Awards: Sydney Clark and Tiannah Ryan

Information Technology Academy Award: Samuel Fields, Ezra Hershberger, Clayton Humphries, John Lisauskas, Hunter Roth

Auto Tech Academy Awards: Charles Bailey Curtis, Kyle Fishback, Griffin McDole, Cody Mellinger, Collin Murphy, Dalton Myers, Clayton Pacha, Jack Redlinger

Auto Collision Academy Awards: Cole Dallmeyer, Collin Murphy, Tanner Murphy, Tucker Renoux

Project Lead the Way Academy Awards: Clayton Humphries

Criminal Justice Academy Awards: Sydney Clark, Alexis Edwards, Ryan Ellis, Franchesca Machado, Jose Reyes, Justin Roth, Savannah White, Sam Witherow

Business Exploration Academy Awards: Kayla Andrew, Joseph Patterson, Brooke Stout, Megan Strabala

Software Specialist Academy Awards: Makenna Rich and Sean Zimmer

Advanced Manufacturing Academy Awards: Dalton Applegate, TJ Durst, Antonio Estela, Samuel Fields, Kyle Fishback, Andres Gutierrez, Cody Mellinger, Clayton Pacha, AJ Pegg, jack Redlinger, Calton Warth, Dylan Wenger

Architecture Construction and Engineering Academy Awards: Jameson Bell, Samuel Donnolly, Tucker Renoux, Anthony Torres

Washington County Regional Center Endowed Scholarship: Grace Miller

Iowa State Association of Counties Award: Brooke Stout

Eagle Scout Award: Samuel Fields

Washington Archery Program: Jim Sievers Outstanding Male Archer Award - Colton Warth; Outstanding Female Archer Award - Kylee Porter

Tri-Athlete Awards: Morgan Brinning - volleyball, basketball and softball; Brooke Stout - cross country, basketball and track; Kiowa Keith - cross country, wrestling, track, baseball; Tanner Murphy - football, wrestling, track; Dalton Myers - football, basketball, golf; Jacob Van Osdol - cross country, basketball, gol

John Harm Memorial Coach of the Year Award: Mark Berhow

Outstanding Athlete in Each Sport: Volleyball - megan Mitchell, Football - Tanner Murphy and Jaivonn Willis, Boys Cross Country - Brennan Horak, Girls Cross Country - Brooke Stout, Boys Basketball - Jack Redlinger, Girls Basketball - Sarah Nacos, Wrestling - Mitchell Huisenga, Boys Bowling - Tucker Renoux, Boys Track - Brennan Horak, Girls Track - Michaela Hoffman and Brooke Stout, Boys Soccer - Anthony Torres, Girls Soccer - Alexis Edwards, Boys Golf - Dalton Myers and Jacob Van Osdol, Baseball 2017 - Collin Zear, Softball 2017 - Jessie Buchholz

Bernie Saggau Award : Jacob Van Osdol

Les Leeper Sportsmanship Awards: Megan Mitchell and Brennan Horak

Female Athlete of the Year: Morgan Brinning

Male Athlete of the Year: Tanner Murphy

National Honor Society: Jameson Bell, Morgan Brinning, Michaela Hoffman, Brennan Horak, Addison McGuire, Grace Miller, Trevor Moravec, Erik Murphy, Sarah Nacos, Kylee Porter, Meredith Raber, Samuel Reed, Baylee Stalder, Brandon Stephanie, Brooke Stout, Kristen Twinam, Jacob Van Osdol, Allison Vogel


Silver Cord Commendation Awards: Trevor Moravec, Jessica Hora, Samantha Holz, Jameson Spenner, Allison Vogel, Breanna Brinning, Talot Wallerich, Kendra Rickey, Brooke Stout, Morgan Brinning.


Principal Choice Award: Mark Engelken.