At-large candidates discuss issues

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


During a candidate forum for people in the Washington City Council race, at-large candidates Evie Richardson and Elaine Moore both learned that they shared many of the same views on current issues.

Moore opened the forum, saying she moved to Washington 39 years ago and has chosen to remain because it is a great place to raise children. She said having to previously commute to work, she had not had the chance to serve the community. Now that she is working in town she wants to get involved in the workings of the city.

Richardson said she has lived in the city for 34 years. She said she began going to council meetings in February with an issue. As she worked with the council, she decided to keep coming to the meetings to better learn how the council operates and the issues it deals with. When a seat came up in the election, she decided to run.

Moore said that she is not a politician and that she is not coming to the council with an agenda. She said she is a citizen who wants what is best for the community and for its residents. She promised that she would listen to people and if she did not know the answer to a question, would research it and get the answer to the constituent. She stressed the need for people to get out and vote. Richardson said she had not known she would run for office when she first began going to the council meetings. She said the council is committed to working toward what is best for Washington and she feels Washington is heading in the right direction. She said she wanted to be part of the team working toward that. She also encouraged people to get out and vote.