Arrows shoot past Columbus

By Doug Brenneman, JOURNAL Sports


COLUMBUS JUNCTION -- When a volleyball hits the ceiling during a match, it can still be played on the same side of the net. If it hits the ceiling and goes to the other side of the net, it is a point for the team that didn?t hit it into the ceiling.

When the ball disappears behind a light fixture on the ceiling, which is what happened Thursday in the Columbus-Wapello match, the point is replayed.

When that happened to the Wildcats, they were riding momentum during a rally from a 14-10 deficit to a 20-18 lead. A set win would have tied the match at 2-2.

Instead, the Arrows shot past the home team to win the fourth set and take a 3-1 Southeast Iowa Super Conference North Division victory.

?I know we have things to work on but I thought we played a decent match,? Columbus head coach Lori Beenen said. ?We still need to work on our hitters staying behind the ball.?

The ball being stuck on the light seemed to kill the Wildcats? momentum.

?Yes, it did,? Bennen said. ?We needed that really bad right there. I chewed the end of my pen off.?

The Wildcats had rallied from a first-set loss of 25-15 to take the second set 25-16.

?There are a few plays we need to work on and definitely our serve receive,? Beenen said.

The Arrows won the third set 25-16 and the fourth set 25-23.

Down 2-1, the Wildcats started the fourth set with aces by Emma Milder for a 3-1 lead. Tied at 3-3, Kayla Beenen served consecutive aces to tie it at 5-5.

?Those aces really helped us out a lot,? Coach Beenen said. Milder had seven in the match while Beenen landed 10.

Tied at 6-6, Angie Byas connected on back-to-back kills for an 8-6 advantage. Byas had a team-high nine kills in the match.

?Our middles did a good job getting after it,? Coach Beenen said of Byas and Olivia Carrier. ?They are doing a great job settling into their roles as middles. Angie is a senior and has really taken a leadership role this year. She keeps everybody up and going. She and Vanessa Mena (who had 16 digs) have really stepped up to the leadership roles that we need with a young team.?

The Wildcats have five sophomores in their rotation.

Tied at 9 and 10, the Arrows took a 14-10 lead sparking a timeout from Columbus.

?I thought our hitters did a good job of mixing up their attacks with tips,? Coach Beenen said.

An ace from Jobie Lekwa got the deficit to 15-13. Wapello called timeout when it was tied at 17, but Byas spiked a kill, then got a block for a 19-17 lead.

The Wildcats? momentum had outscored Wapello 9-3, but after the ball landed on the light, Wapello went on a 7-3 run to win the set and the match.

?Our girls played hard,? Coach Beenen said. ?We did a lot of things right. We have got to fix our serve receive. We are giving up too many points there and that hurt us. I don?t want to take anything away from Wapello because they have a few good servers.?

Taylor Howell set 17 assists and got eight digs. Milder?s defense resulted in 18 digs.

Wapello?s record is 4-5, 1-1 in the North. Columbus is 2-12, 0-2 North.

?I will be up late tonight looking at film,? the coach said. ?We have to regroup so that we can play Winfield on Tuesday.?

Wapello lost 3-2 to Winfield-Mount Union last Tuesday.