AAU Women review projects

The Washington, Iowa Branch of the American Association of University Women met at the home of Marde McConnell. The members and four guests enjoyed a delicious potluck and a time of visiting with Linda Gonshorowski serving as co-hostess.

One of the projects the American Association of University Women (AAUW) supports is Camp Invention, assisting with two scholarships for girls. Prior to the meeting Janet Conrad and Ryann Dolan talked about this summer?s Camp Invention Program. Janet was co-director and Ryann was a camper. Janet shared photographs and told that this was the eighth year for the week-long program and that 80 students participated in the K-6th grade activities. There were five other teachers, parent volunteers and twenty-three WHS silver cord students who helped the students in this year?s ?Fast Forward? futuristic activities. The students were divided into four age groups as they ?traveled? through four ?stations? throughout the day. Ryann shared how she loved all the fun, hands-on activities. The week ended with the parents being invited to the last hour of camp for an ?Inventor?s Showcase.?

President Millie Youngquist called the August 21 business meeting to order and asked all those in attendance to introduce themselves. Here are some highlights of the meeting. Treasurer Patty Roe gave her report and told about this summer?s fund-raising, bus tour to the Pearl Button Museum in Muscatine and the Celebration Belle boat ride. Karen Murphy, Linda Sturdevant and Jenisa Harris were thanked by the group for their significant roles in this very successful event.

Patty also reported that the $1000 scholarship payment for this year?s scholarship recipient has not yet been made, the 37th year for this project.

Other projects the group supports were reported on, such as the Little Free Library, located near the Goodwill entrance. The group was reminded that Virginia Bordwell coordinates this project and members were encouraged to drop  off adult or children?s books at her office or at her home.

President Youngquist told the visitors about the group?s commitment to providing four career speakers each spring for the WRAP Center students and she thanked those who coordinated this spring project.

Members were told of the very special luncheon which took place this summer honoring nationally recognized, 50 year member, Mary Wagamon.

Marde McConnell reminded the group that this year?s AAUW sponsored National Honor Society Reception will be on November 13.

In closing, President Youngquist informed the group of its next meeting on Tuesday, September 11, 2018  at the Washington Public Library. There will be a short business meeting at 6:30 p.m.  with the program, which is open to the public, beginning at 7:00 p.m. The program topic is ?Human Trafficking and Immigration? with the speakers being Kevin Kinney, State Senator, and a representative of our local law enforcement. Posters will be made to promote the event and Jenisa Harris will take care of facebook publicity.

Anyone wanting more information about the American Association of University Women is encourged to contact Jenisa Harris 319-400-1157, Marde McConnell, 319-653-3884 or Millie Youngquist, 319-653-4673.