A good group of kids

On Tuesday evening, the Washington City Council honored a group of young people who had returned a wallet they found at the Washington County Fair. Washington Police Lt. Ron See, who addressed the council as a member of the public, said he posts the Washington County call logs on the police department?s Facebook page. On July 16-17, he had posted that a wallet had been found at the fair. He checked with the fair board and the wallet had been returned and the money, which he called a substantial amount of money, was still there. He said he wanted to acknowledge the young people. They were given a letter of appreciation and gift certificates to the Corner Creamery. Pictured are: front, Bryan Doileau, 11: Amyah Parra, 11; Destine Trevino, 11; Zach Streeter, 11; and back Georgia Wolfe, 13; Kenilize Espinosa, 13; Lt. See; and Jayred Espinosa, 11.