4-H Senior Feature

Baylee Stalder, of Washington, is the daughter of Tanya and Randy Stalder.

She attends Washington High School and is a member of the Green Acres 4-H club.

Her projects are: clothing, Horse and Pony, working exhibits, photography and other non-livestock projects.

Her 4-H Activities include: mentoring in clothing for Clover Kids, held the offices of president, vice president, and secretary for her club and was a contestant in the Queen Pageant.

Baylee?s special memory highlight was winning at the state clothing event in Ames. ?I will never forget the moment they called my name as the winner in the $15 Challenge Category,? Baylee said. ?It was my first time at state and I had won. I will forever cherish that moment.?

She enjoyed her time in 4-H immensely.

?I have 4-H to thank for my success in communication,? Baylee said. ?I have won numerous awards for communication and it also helps with giving presentations at school. I believe people should join 4-H because it has different opportunities that can interest anyone. There are so many different things to try. 4-H also teaches skills in leadership and community service that I will be able to use in the future.?

Her other activities include: cheerleading, drama, speech, National Honor Society, Peer Helpers, and JOI Club.

Baylee plans to attend Indian Hills and major in Radiologic Technology.