4-H Senior Feature

Makenna Burdock, of Washington, is the daughter of Edward and Carol Burdock.

Her sister is Kelsey Brown.

She attends Washington High School and is a member of Prairie Pride.

Her projects are photography, sewing and home improvement.

She is also president of Prairie Pride Club.

?The highlight of 4-H is seeing the wonder on children?s faces when they?re at the rodeo, looking at projects, or watching the horse show,? Makenna said. ?It is easy to tell who will be a 4-H?er by the look of joy.?

She encourages those who live in town to join 4-H.

?As a 4-H?er who lives in town, more people who live in the city should try 4-H,? Makenna said. ?Many people think it is only for farm kids. There are so many things to do that don?t involve a farm or animals. The experiences are worth it!?

Her other activities are dance, working at the Washington Library, JOOI, and choir.

Makenna plans to attend the University of Northern Iowa with an open major.