4-H members travel to medical facilities

Forty-seven local youth traveled to Iowa City on Monday, Nov. 27, for a day of hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) experiences with University of Iowa Health Care. The day was split between the College of Medicine, UIHC and University of Iowa Admissions. Middle school students from Washington, Des Moines, Henry, Lee, Louisa, and Jefferson counties had the opportunity to see STEM in action in the medical field and a variety of those departments.

The day included a variety of presenters in different areas of medicine. Students participated in case-based learning with an emergency room doctor and learned how to take a history, diagnose and treat a patient. They traveled to the hospital to see outpatient occupational and physical therapy services. A neonatal doctor shared his experiences in taking care of premature infants with a powerful visual that most of his patients are the size and weight of a pop can at the start. Students experienced science hands-on as they inspected organs, made their own finger casts and used simulators to understand laparoscopic surgery. The afternoon was spent with tours from University of Iowa Admissions students.

Washington County youth who attended the event included Alex Murphy, Kyleigh Dolan, Greta Sieren, Carmen Sieren, Jenna Messer, Jenna Waters, Katelyn Waters, Kaitlin Martin, Zoey Dennler, Ashley Harmsen, Kelsi Cerney, Avery Johnston, and Kerra Longbine. Each participant took away something new. Zoey Dennler, member of the Green Acres 4-H Club, most enjoyed making finger casts and seeing the variety of X-rays.